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Mid-Season Hiatus Announcement

Scoring Magic is on a brief hiatus, with an exciting episode coming soon. So why not take this time to listen to what Scoring Magic is all about--VALENCE--on this, the day of our Hug …

1.19: The Benefits of Disney

Episode Notes

We've mentioned before that episode 7 of VALENCE was written in Walt Disney World, and you may have noticed some extra credits in that episode. Join Wil and Anne, and special …

1.18: Collaboration, Part 2

So, create is feels good. Collaboration is feels good! Friends is feels good! But what happens when miscommunications means that isn't feels good? …

1.17: Writing Episode 4

In this episode, Wil talks about writing episode 4 of VALENCE. Content warning: This episode discusses suicidal ideation, abuse, and PTSD in depth.

Coming Soon: VALENCE

The VALENCE feed is now live!

Welcome to New Candler, cultural epicenter of the United States. Visit Trudon Circle, an art mecca turned tourist trap …

1.12: Live Table Reads

We're RECORDING, folks! In this episode, we talk about the ups and downs of having your cast record together versus just asynchronously. Buckle up …

1.11: Social Media is Scary! (But Necessary!)

Sometimes you're a social media grandma. And that's okay. Like everything with Hug House, our first step in finalizing our social media strategy was to identify our shortcomings and reach …

1.10: We Wrote the Finale

We did it. We wrote the finale. The finale is written for season 1, and we did that, and we're the ones who wrote it, and we did it. But like . . . not without panicking a little. A lot. …

1.8: Balancing Responsibilities

It's time for Wil to explain some of her overworking crimes. This week, take a dive into what Wil's daily workload looks like, how she's learned to manage it, and the BIG life change that's …

1.7: Money, Please!

As the Hug House team's Indiegogo for season 1 of VALENCE winds down, Anne brings you sage knowledge about how money works. No, don't run away! We know--money is super scary. But it's also …

1.6: The Casting Process

Episode Notes

Last episode, we told you about our casting call. This episode, we're going to talk about what happened when we started listening to …

1.5: Casting Calls

Episode Notes

When you make something with a cast, you have to . . . cast it. And when you cast something, you have to make a casting call. This week, hear about how Hug House went about …

1.4: Writing Someone Else's Characters

Episode Notes

So. We've got our producer. We've got our story bible and all our plans set. But now it's time to start writing--which means it's time for Katie to start writing for …

1.3: Meet Our Producer

Episode Notes

We've found our producer for VALENCE, and we couldn't be happier. This week, listen to how we made the decision, how we reached out to …

1.2: Collaboration

Episode Notes

We're taught so often that art is a solitary practice. We're taught artists are introverts, sole creators of their work, and that the …

1.1: Create Is Feels Good

Episode Notes

CW: Discussions of burnout, vague discussions of mental health issues

There's a difference between business and creative work, no …

Coming June 22nd: Scoring Magic

Episode Notes

"Create is feels good."

Scoring Magic is a documentary about three friends making a fiction podcast together. Starting June 22nd, we'll be sharing our process every other …

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